Cameroon – Anglophone Problem: CPDM MP says the truth is not being told to Paul Biya.

Written by Deckson N.

The MP of the CPDM was in front of the press on Thursday to evoke the situation in the English-speaking Regions of the country.

While calm seems to have returned to Bamenda in the North-West Region after the riots last Thursday, politicians are further illustrated by proposals to the Government for the resolution of the “Anglophone problem“. For the MP of Ocean-South, Martin Oyono, Cameroon must simply respect its constitution.

Act No. 96/06 of 18 January 1996 revising the Constitution of 2 June 1972 gives a new impetus and an increased and decisive role to decentralization in order to improve and revitalize the political, social and economic development of Cameroon. The major challenge of decentralization is to promote sustainable development by involving grassroots people in the management of their affairs.

If decentralization had taken place since 1996, the regions would have been composed of elected regional councils. The Government would therefore have decentralized resources, and it would have rather waited until one is judged to hold those to whom were given the means to develop these regions, “Martin Oyono said.

The problems of roads, electricity and other could have been solved because there would have been decentralization. And not only the Northwest is concerned, everyone is waiting for decentralization, and I believe there is still time to do so to prove to our populations that we respect our constitution and that we want development Of our country, “he continued.

Regarding the still perceptible tension in the North-West and South-West Regions, the CPDM MP believes that President Paul Biya is the key to the return to peace. “The President of the Republic has always proved to be the one who triggers the right solutions. The administrators around him do not necessarily tell him the truth about the situation. Today it is he who can speak to the people and who can remedy this situation by a real dialogue because he understands better his populations, “suggests Martin Oyono.

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  • Martin Oyono , what do you mean by he is the only one who understands his people ?
    Mr Biya spends most of his time in Europe and the so called administrators he has left the country in their hands do as they see fit .
    They are the ones who donot want the regional elections to go operational , blocking every thing and centralizing power among you people .
    Give me a break with that your defense .

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