Cameroon – Constant Wette Tchouati: Cameroonian receives Innovation Award in Canada

Written by Deckson N.

Constant Wette Tchouati, Engineer at Ericsson, has just received the Innovation-Product Award from the Association for the Development of Research and Innovation of Quebec.

Cameroon was honored on November 24 at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal. On that day, one of his sons, Constant Wette Tchouati, an engineer researcher and specialist in Data Science, received for Ericsson the prestigious Innovation-Product Award of the Association for the Development of Research and Innovation Of Quebec (Adriq). A reward for the new mobile identification and authentication system that has recently been incorporated into the new “Mobile Connect” universal authentication standard.

Constant Wette Tchouati who graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure Polytechnique in Yaounde, HEC Montréal and the University of Harvard, he launched in 2008 the design of a new system of reliable identification and authentication for the digital world based on the mobile phone. His invention is part of the fact that the world was digitizing quickly, with more than 5 billion connected individuals.

It’s easy to broadcast or view a bit of everything live, all objects become connectable, some services are substituted by a digital version, and all sectors are impacted, from trade to health, from government services to industrial maintenance. Digitization brings remarkable improvements in our everyday lives and in business productivity, but the identification and authentication system in this New World remains inefficient and unreliable – a limiting factor for the commitment of certain companies and users – . Without a standard, users must create several identities, memorize several passwords and renew them frequently. In addition, there are problems of insecurity, false identity, or identity theft, which make enough victims in the digital world, whereas the real culprits are difficult to identify or sometimes confused, “he explains.

This is how the engineer and his team developed the first prototype of their system. The prize will be awarded at the end of an internal competition. It will later evolve into a commercial product. A few years later, Ericsson will collaborate with the GSMA (the global association of mobile operators) in the development and promotion of a new universal digital authentication standard called “Mobile Connect“. This standard is already adopted by dozens of mobile operators all over the world, service providers via the Internet, and governments. The industry targets hundreds of thousands of other digital content and service providers and more than 3 billion subscribers who will be able to carry out their transactions with a universal identity integrated into their mobile phone.

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