Cameroon – Jean Miché Kankan: Ever wondered his region of origin? it will shock you!

Written by Deckson N.

Some argue that the husband of “Mama Hélène” originated from the West; Given the very strong accent he used for his sketches and shows.

Jean Miché Kankan died on 13 February 1997 at the Jamot Hospital in Yaounde. He was 40-year old. Despite the passing of time, his spicy comedies still punctuate the daily life of Cameroonians. In the taxis, the famous comedian still raises the debate, notably on his ethnic origin. In fact, Jean Miché Kankan, of his real name Dieudonné Afana Ebogo was Beti;

Precisely originating from the Nkom village in Akonolinga (locality located 150 km from Yaounde, the capital). He was the son of Jean Ebogo and Madeleine Nga.

In other words, Dieudonné Afana was of pure Ewondo stock (whose origins are essentially from the Central region). However, he chose to make his character, a man from the western region of Cameroon; A Bamileke not very literate. And around this character that became mythical, he designed his most famous plays including “Les mésaventures de Jean Miché Kankan”, “Maladie d’amour”, “L’élève internationa”, “La carte d’identité”.

Through these shows, the celebrated comedian painted the Cameroonian society; He decried with humor, corruption, tribalism, cheating; The problems of couples and so on. Scenes of life that remain more than ever topical.

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