Cameroon – John Fru Ndi: SDF Chairman says arm forces almost killed his son!

Written by Deckson N.

The main opposition leader in Cameroon demands the withdrawal of all the troops deployed in Bamenda and solicits a solution to the demands of the anglophone lawyers and that of the teachers.

In a declaration signed on November 23, 2016 in Bamenda, John Fru Ndi, president of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), stressed that “the situation prevailing in this part of the country gives more credit to the demands of Anglophones who feel marginalized and treated as second-class citizens and on the other hand, to their call for secession. ” This is all the more so because “we have seen at the same time old people, young people and even children of 11 years who decided to give their lives to brave the fate in quest of equality and justice in a Part of the country which has been seriously abandoned and and an object of flagrant injustices “.

According to La Nouvelle Expression of November 25, 2016, the Chairman of the SDF made a painful observation of the events of November 21, 2016. He went out at 5 pm to take the pulse of the city. Everywhere he saw roadblocks and populations determined to sacrifice themselves to make their convictions triumph. “I did my best to persuade them to demonstrate peacefully. This appeal was generally followed, although here and there, one could come across cases of destruction, “says the president of the SDF.

According to him, the total breakdown of calm and peace was provoked by “the easy of trigger policemen heavily deployed in the city with orders to shoot to kill demonstrators with bare hands. They fired guns of live ammunition, tons of metal canisters of tear gas and used water cannons against demonstrators and peaceful students. ” John Fru Ndi said he quickly became a target in a plan concocted to eliminate him. “On Tuesday, November 22, 2016, around 1:30 pm, members of the armed forces came to my residence, which they pounded, spraying it with tear gas, despite my son’s desperate attempts to dissuade them. It almost cost him his life, “says the Chairman, who acknowledges that this is not the first time anyone has tried to kill him.

John Fru Ndi demanded the withdrawal of all the troops deployed in Bamenda and solicited a solution to the demands of the anglophone lawyers and that of the teachers because, according to him, “Bamenda is not a field of battles“.

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