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Cameroon – Religion: A fundamentalist movement in Bassa country set to eradicate western religion on Bassa Land

Written by Deckson N.

This traditional inspiration movement aims to eradicate all other beliefs and to institute a traditional theocratic power.

According to the daily Le Messager of Tuesday, 22 November 2016, the official launching of the combat activities of a fundamentalist movement took place on the night of November 2016. On that night, men of the fundamentalist movement carried out the destruction of the Religious monument placed on the mythical cave of Ngock Lituba for nearly 60 years.

Indeed, for several months, the Bassa tribe of Cameroon cover the gestation of a new fundamentalist movement. This group called “Mbog Bassa” intends to eradicate all beliefs and establish a traditional theocratic power. According to the newspaper, the next step in the program will be the destruction of places of worship, temples, churches and mosques built on Basaa’s geographical area. Subsequently, it plans to destroy the monuments that refer to Western culture, to rename the sites and public places bearing Western denominations and signs.

Moreover, the movement intends to dismiss all patriarchs who do not share their ideology. In addition to this, it plans to attack the Western education system not to improve it in favor of the country, but to challenge western philosophies and sciences, religious freedom and secularism of the state, all in A language highly populist, we read in the newspaper.

Faced with this strong attack, which targets Christians of various denominations, the administrative authorities of the locality of Nyanon in the Sanaga Maritime denounced this act of vandalism and at the same time, delivered some suspects to the police, indicates the newspaper. It should be emphasized that the Bassa tribe is one of the most important in Cameroon’s forest and covers the four divisions of Nyong-et-Kellé and the Maritime Sanaga, as well as a part of the Haut Nkam and the Wouri.

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