Cameroon – Education: ENS students are angry as they demand their 50 000 bonuses from the Head of State

Written by Deckson N.

According to sources, many of them have not yet received the sum of 50 000 FCFA that represents the academic gratification.

In its edition of 15 November 2016, the daily Mutations reports that students of the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) in Yaounde are angry. They all demand the excellence bonuses from the Head of State. The amount of 50 000 FCFA is allocated to each student who obtained an annual average of 12 or more in the previous academic year.

According to sources it is “a large number” that confess to not having perceived this academic gratification. “Sitting on the ground in front of the school office of the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Yaounde, a dozen students are waiting for their prizes to be awarded on November 14, 2016,” says Mutations.

The daily says that the procedure leading to the award of these bonuses has nevertheless started at the ENS for several days. “The lists of deserving students were posted on the campus. They also specified the order of passage, but curiously there’s no advancement, “says a student. For other students questioned on this subject, the slowness observed is due to the choice of schedules to distribute and the number of students to be served per day.

Last Thursday there were more than fifty people aligned to receive this 50,000 FCFA. But as soon as they started to serve us, we were told that the money was finished and that we had to go back next Monday, “he adds. “And this morning an accounting officer asked us to come back next Friday, because once again there is no money left,” says one student.

According to the paper, many of these students complain that this is a way to push them away from their bonuses.

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