Cameroon – Far North: The explosion of a mine killed two people in Sanda-Wadjiri (Far North)

Written by Deckson N.

The explosions of antipersonnel mines are recurrent in this part of the country.

Two dead and three wounded. The explosion of an antipersonnel mine on 10 November 2016 in the locality of Sanda-Wadjiri located in the Borough of Kolofata has claimed several victims. The information is reported by L’Œil du Sahel on newsstands on November 14, 2016.

The victims are Pana Diyawa, about 60 year old and Zaïnapa Sali, a four-month-old infant. 3 wounded were also recorded including Nadama Dawaga, Hadja Gambo Adama and Yana Made. The victims were all displaced from Mozogo, the capital of the Mayo-Moskota subdivision in Mayo-Tsanaga, where they were consulted on the lists of displaced persons detained by a Catholic NGO who wanted to help them ” the newspaper said.

Here is the testimony of Biou Lawan, chairman of the Aschigachia vigilante committee: “It was almost the whole village that went to Mozogo, where a Catholic NGO counted the displaced people of the region to help them. It was on the following day that the tragedy occurred at a roundabout, if we must call it that, for it was in the bush that it took place. In the bush, you know there are only tracks. We were called to inform us and we immediately deported to the scene. The report was bitter. There were also serious injuries with various cases of fracture and trauma, “he said.

The circumstances of this mid-morning drama are also told by one of the survivors: “I can not explain how this happened. What I can remember is that we were walking and then there was a loud noise. We were all thrown to the ground. Some fell on their backs, others on their bellies according to the statements of those who came to our rescue, since I had fallen into a coma. It was only several hours after the explosion that I regained consciousness. This is where I discovered that I have a fractured leg: the right leg. And the 4-month-old child I was carrying in my arms before the accident lost his life. The debris of the explosive device pierced his skull and he did not survive, “said Yana Madé, one of the victims.

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