Cameroon – Strike: [letter] Anglophones are taking things to another level as they plan for a massive strike!

Written by Deckson N.

Yesterday we posted that The SDF said yes to the strike of Anglophone lawyers. That did not wait long and today anglophone common law lawyers are on the streets of Bamenda. Like that was not enough, a circular has been moving aound lately calling on parents to keep their children hom on the 21st of this month, as all anglophone schools shall be closed. Read it below!

Hi All,

Many years after Anglophones in Cameroon began their long tortuous journey in reunification, teachers’ Unions and PTA’s have, after reflecting on the cultural carnage visited on their children decided to take a bold step. They have written to notify the PM that all schools will be shut down from Monday 21 November 2016, until proper attention is given to the problems that have beset their educational system.

In our time, we revered those who excelled in the GCE O and A’Levels. They were given priority in scholarships, and they chose the professional school they wanted to attend, that is if they did not wish to go abroad. That was what EXCELLENCE meant.

The next year, other children worked equally hard to enter that exclusive league. We hailed them and used them to proudly talk about our schools in Anglophone Cameroon. Families who had such children were treated kindly and with respect. That was Excellence! Even when the UB medSchool started, the same principles applied – Those with a good performance in the GCE were considered in the scoring of certificates so that the GCE was given its real value.

Today, it is common to see a 25-point scorer failing the so-called concours or selling sim cards at MTN while students with 4 points are sitting comfortably in the Medical School classroom. The teachers question this paradox and the cultural onslaught the government has undertaken against Anglophones in Cameroon.

This is not a child’s play. Stand up and be counted. Educate your children; tell them what is happening and be sure that you give the teachers’ action maximum support. All teachers from nursery school up to university are part of this struggle. Even govt, mission and private schools will close down.

Join your voice and let the Anglophone cry be heard. Keep your children safe at home; away from the claws of provocateurs. Read this document and pass it on! Education for all is success for us.

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  • I agree that the lawyers and teachers are doing the right thing and at the right time. My fear is that they waver and allow things slip out of their hands. Let all the visitors coming into this country for the AWCON know the misery the teachers and lawyers are living in.

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