Cameroon – Mining: Protected areas prevent mining in the northern part of Cameroon

Written by Deckson N.

Officially, no less than 19 ores are buried in the basement of the three regions (North, Far North and Adamawa) that constitute the northern part of Cameroon.

This is mineral resources as varied as gold, copper, marble, bauxite, limestone, diamond, graphite, iron, cobalt, tin and even uranium.

But, only eight of these ores are currently being exploited or preliminary studies heralding a future operation.

At the origin of this timidity observed in mining in this part of Cameroon, local public authorities, cited by the regional newspaper L’Oeil du Sahel, invoke the multitude of protected areas that cover these territories rich in minerals. Indeed, the three regions of the north of Cameroon are certainly the most equipped in protected areas in the country. Especially the North, home alone to national parks Bouba-Ndjida (2200 Km2), Faro (3300 Km2) and Benue (1800 km2), covering more than half of the regional territory.

In areas of Adamawa and Far North, parks of the Mbéré Valley (777 Km2) and Waza (1700 Km2) also cover some mining reserves, which unfortunately can not be exploited unless so illegal and artisanal.

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