Cameroon – Politics: Why Kah Walla, the President of the Cameroon People’s Party, was arrested

Written by Deckson N.

Long Story Short:

According to sources, the headquarters of her party was assaulted last Friday under the orders of the DO of the Yaounde 5 sub division.

Long Story:

Why was Kah Walla arrested” last October 28? This is the question asked the daily Le Jour in its edition of October 31, 2016. The newspaper said that last Friday the headquarters of the Cameroon Peoples Party (CPP) was attacked by the police, and it says, “on the orders of D.O of the Yaounde 5th subdivision.” Law enforcement forces had orders to prohibit the meeting and the press conference of the Stand up for Cameroon movement . So it’s after an altercation that Kah Walla, CPP leader with 51 others, were arrested and taken to police headquarters at Ekounou 4 in Yaounde in the Centre Region.

The daily reports that the Deputy Warden arrived on the scene that day and told Kah Walla and her comrades that the meeting was illegal. The administrative authority stressed that the meeting held at the headquarters of the CCP had not been declared to the D.O’s office as stipulated by law. “The D.O continued by asking participants to vacate the room,” says the newspaper.

In turn Kah Walla attempted to explain that this was an evaluation meeting of coalition activities of Stand up for Cameroon. This is a coalition that brings together several political parties including the UPC, the CPP and the Universe party.

However, the newspaper reports that according to some sources, those arrested were released the same day after 21 hours. Campaigners say that some of them were put in cell. “Only Kah Walla was heard at the general intelligence of Nlongkak“.

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