Cameroon – Paul Biya: President about to purchase a plane worth over 36 billion CFA F

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The Head Staff of the President of the Republic already sent two pilots in the United States to become familiar with the aircraft.

Will Paul Biya acquire a new presidential plane 12 years after the last? According to L’Œil du Sahel on newsstands this October 31, 2016, the assumption is seriously considered. “At the Presidency of the Republic, the contacted individuals have neither confirmed nor denied the information, citing a sensitive issue that has never been made known to them,” notes the paper.

Yet our colleague continues, “other sources say yes and even entrust the case is very advanced. They gave as prove the fact that the Head f Staff of the President of the Republic has dispatched several months ago to the United States, two of his pilots to become familiar with the new jewel … “.

To believe a military source: “Currently, the presidential fleet has only the Grumman 3, already downgraded. It is therefore possible that the pilot officers find themselves in the United States in connection with the aircraft. On the contrary, in the aircraft you are aware that the acquisition of a new aircraft and training of staff are part of a package. So when pilot training officers find themselves in the United States, they will undergo what is called a transformation, that is to say, already have a patent, they will assimilate the specificities of a new aircraft already acquired or being very advanced in acquisition. It is the same for those who must ensure a minimum of maintenance.

The plane chosen by Paul Biya is already known. The biweekly indicates that in this respect “according to sources who gravitate to the top of the state, the Head of State would set his sights on a Boeing Business Jet: the BBJ3, a device developed based on the Boeing 737-900 ER and presented to the public for the first time in 2013 at the annual gathering of business aviation, EBACE in Geneva, Switzerland. According to the manufacturer, the ultra-luxurious and comfortable interior design of the BBJ3 is provided by the Jet Aviation AGBasel company based in Basel, Switzerland, the same which had already been charged to develop the famous presidential BBJ2 that has caused so much ink and saliva and taken to prison known figures like former Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, Marafa Hamidou Yaya, or the businessman and former General manager of CAMAIR, Yves Michel Fotso “.

The price catalog of the device is at 36.340 billion FCFA. The plane can carry 63 people and contain 230 bags. “If the information is confirmed, the future presidential jewel that can fly at 12,497 meters also has a low cabin altitude pressurized to 6,500 feet instead of 8,000 feet as other business jets and can travel about 10,000 km non-stop, “one reads. Paul Biya does not have a presidential plane since April 24, 2014, recalls L’Oeil du Sahel.

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