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Cameroon – Denise Naafa: [video] Musician tells how she escaped death in the Eseka accident

Written by Deckson N.

I saw horror. Just thinking I’m trying to see how people who were next to me were having to suffer. I have pain to see people lose their lives in a period no time. This is something that happened in less than five minutes.

This is part of the testimony of Denise Naafa issued on October 22, 2016 on the national television of Cameroon. The young Cameroonian artist survived the terrible train accident of Eseka on October 21, 2016. Here is narrated testimony by the singer promising moments which almost see her pass from life to death.

When coming out of a situation where one has the impression of having to go to the other side and you realize after you are alive, it really feels like a miracle. There were concerns a few minutes before the incident. Already, a few minutes of the derailment, we felt in the train a burning smell that something was not really normal. The two people who accompanied me also felt it. We wondered where the smell came from. We thought it must be due to the rail. Just after we passed the top of a ravine which was 5 meters below us. Just after the ravine, we had a first turn. And just after the turn, the train was going, so fast that it awakened people’s consciences that something was wrong. After the second turn, the train went to a speed that we did not understand. We did not realize what was happening. At one point, the train began to move, to make huge noise and then everything changed. It was panic, people were screaming, everyone was screaming. You could hear “Jesus Christ” by everyone.

I was on the left. So when the train derailed, it flipped. I had the impression of flying like a bird. I found myself on the other side. With the violence of the shock, people fell on me. I was down, I could not breathe. It was really horrible. I called for help and the grace of God, there is a neighbor who heard my cries. He asked me to take his hand. So I held his strong hand. He grabbed onto one of the seats, pulled me hard and I went out. I think if he had not been there, I would’ve  definitely died.

I was so troubled that I can not say when I got out of the train. Already I was barefoot. We realized that there was water dripping inside. And immediately, I thought it may be fuel and that there may be an explosion. So I rushed. The first reaction I had was to open up the window to get out. My neighbor told me, “do not do that, there is an output that is right before you. We had to climb a bit. ” I really did my best. In a panic, I went out. And when I came out, I was really shocked, I started crying. I did not realize actually. When I came out, people were around, who saw the action, were already there to rescue those inside.

After I got dizzy, I sat a little, I was dizzy. There is a gentleman who asked us to get off saying that it was not good to stay that way under the sun. After that was the nightmare. What we saw, what I saw today, I did not realize I was on the train and I could be … I cry all the families of the victims. We Cameroonian people, we should all be praying because it is really a drama. (…) I saw trucks transporting bodies. I think they were going to Douala … Then after we saw a helicopter. On the road, we saw ambulances. (…) I saw horror. Just thinking I’m trying to see how people who were next to me had to suffer. I have pain to see people lose their lives in a short period of time. It’s something that happened in less than five minutes.

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