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Cameroon – Ngaoundere: Prophetess claims Jesus is back and lives in her, uses her followers’ confessions to send them to prison!

Written by Deckson N.

She filed a complaint against her followers for acts of witchcraft.

This is a matter that is currently in full swing in Ngaoundere in the Adamawa Region. Mrs. Kodetom also known as a “prophetess“, filed a complaint against her followers for acts of witchcraft. The case attracted a crowd on September 29 at the Court of Appeal of Adamawa. This curious crowd came to hear with their own ears, this story that seems improbable.

The Mutations newspaper edition of 3 October 2016 that relays the information tells that “an old woman of fifty years looking like a nun, who claims to be the incarnation of Jesus Christ, should be before the Judge. Early morning, a huge crowd gathered outside the court. It was around 10 am that the “prophetess” entered under heavy police escort. It is by baton that law enforcement forces prevented the crowd from reaching the lady.

Accused of acts of witchcraft, the respondents were conducted by the judicial investigation to the Central Prison of Ngaoundere. “Indeed, for some time now,” the prophetess “says Jesus Christ is back and lives in her. So she left the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cameroon which she was a member to create her chapel located in the Beka Hooséré neighborhood in Ngaoundere 1 subdivision. Within a few days, she attracted many faithfuls who believe in what she says, “the paper writes.

Sources reveal that the complainant gets the confession of her church members, she later reveal their secrets to the police. “She recorded the confessions and then deliver them to the police in order to incriminate them. Among her victims, are suspected sorcerers who are currently held in the Ngaoundéré central prison, “the newspaper reported.

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