Cameroon – Pr. Mono Ndzana: CPDM militant asks Paul Biya to handover power to avoid problems!

Written by Deckson N.

The University professor was the guest of the Grande Interview of Canal 2 International on September 27, 2016.

They are not many, these militants of the CPDM (Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement) who publicly talk about the after-Biya. Hubert Mono Ndzana makes the difference in this party, in an environment where any position contrary to that of the President of the Republic, also president of the party, is considered as attacks to be combated.

This is probably one of the reasons that militated the choice of the philosopher as the guest of the second issue of the “Grande Interview“. The new bi-monthly program of Canal 2 International that journalist hosted by Jean Bruno Tagne, deputy general manager of the private television channel.

Having received two weeks ago the economist Penda Ekoka, Councillor of Paul Biya, Jean Bruno Tagne welcomed on Tuesday a recognized academic reputation established and outspoken. And the least we can say is that viewers were not bored. Well at ease on all subjects, Hubert Mono Ndzana responded to questions without jargon.

One of the key moments of the show, the question of change of leadership in Cameroon. The former Secretary-General for Communications of the ruling party made clear his opposition to a new term of the current tenant of Etoudi who will be 85 in 2018. “To avoid problems, I propose that Paul Biya should cede power “, said bluntly the militant of the CPDM.

A position contrary to that of most of the political pundits to which he belongs; the latter having publicly asked the Head of State to run for another term. For Pr Mono Ndzana, these calls are “stupid” and the perpetrators “want to kill Paul Biya at Work” by using him as a “shield” for their hidden maneuvers.

A stance which occurs just prior to the 4th ordinary congress of the CPDM. If the date is still to be determined, debate on the other hand, already promises to be stormy.

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