Cameroon – Education: How private schools despoil parents!

Written by Deckson N.

In February 2001, the President of the Republic, Paul Biya signed a decree establishing the free education in government primary schools. If this degree is struggling to be put into practice some fifteen years later, the situation is more critical in the private, not concerned by the presidential measure. Some private schools take this opportunity to deprive parents.

The finding of La Nouvelle Expression (LNE) is unequivocal. The reporter of the newspaper visited schools in Douala and published in the issue of September 23, 2016, quite edifying stories.

In the Ste Angèle private elementary school, officials ask us to pay 27,000 FCFA for school fees and 5000 FCFA per month for refresher courses. Is it not an open Scam? Since when do we have refresher courses in class one?? What does that mean? “Denounce the parents. They have undertaken to do a sit-in at the school located in Block I of the Cité Berge neighborhood, in the 3rd district of Douala.

Parents criticize the functioning of this school they consider paradoxical. “During normal hours of the day, lessons are not taught to learners under the pretext that earlier in the afternoon, they will be entitled to rehearsals. So what are the teachers doing during this periods? They go about probably in other occupations other than their sovereign functions. Thus, the 5 year old child that goes out in the morning from the house at 7:30 am comes back home at 3:00 pm. or 4:00 pm. Is this not trauma? ” they lamented.

The Ste Angèle School is not an isolated case. In the same area, the methods of the Petit génie private school are denounced. This school, a parent informed “also requires the payment of the registration fee, which is normal, but whence come these refresher courses for class one? Tell me. The teachers don’t have salaries? “he complained.

The managers of the schools refuse to speak. Officials from the Ministry of Basic Education are called to the rescue.

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