Cameroon – West: Fowls and Poultry products once again banned

Written by Deckson N.

It is part of the string of new measures taken late last week by Awa Fonka Augustine in the fight against the bird flu.

In an order signed Friday, 9 September, Awa Fonka Augustine, Governor of the Western Region, is formal. For the fight against the H5N1 bird flu, he enacted a set of measures to prohibit the sale of poultry in markets of the Mifi division. This is “the prohibition of movement of poultry, livestock products and by-products to and fro the Mifi division”.

Added to this is “the systematic slaughter, incineration of all suspected or infected birds in a radius of 3 km and burial of carcasses“; “Compulsory disinfection of all poultry livestock buildings and sites identified in a radius of 3 km and adherence to a crawl until further notice“; “Application of practical advice issued by the MINEPIA and/or MINSANTE to manage the crisis”; “Submission of all poultry site visits of veterinary services and health personnel“; and finally regular assessment of infection of the “highly pathogenic avian influenza,”

To implement these measures, the Governor leverages, the personnel of Veterinary and Public Health in the division. Besides these, those of other divisions currently unaffected by the crisis, are called in since the end of last week. These new measures are in effect following the massive death of chickens occurred in the firm of the businessman André Richard Ouembé, located in the Ndiangdam subdivision in Bafoussam.

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