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Cameroon – Garoua: Man hangs himself because of so many problems in his life!

Written by Deckson N.

The macabre discovery was made on August 30, 2016 at the Ouro Takala neighborhood.

The circumstances of the death of Laouna Velna are not yet elucidated. The lifeless body of the man in his fifties, originally from Mayo-Danay, in the Far North Region, was found hanging from an electric pole at the Ouro-Takala, neighborhood where the Chinese camp is located in Garoua. The news was reported by L’Oeil du Sahel of August 31, 2016.

He arrived two days earlier in the regional capital of the North, to pay a visit to his brother who lives there. “According to the testimony of his sister-in-law, during his stay, he wouldn’t stop complaining about the difficulties of life and the problems he faces.

She said that:

He kept complaining about the problems of life, constantly reminding that he can not feed his family and there is no means to flourish. I tried everything to boost his morale and encourage him, without success,

He left home on August 29, 2016 to go sell shoes. But 24 hours later, his body was found hanging from an electric pole.

Informed, administrative and security authorities of the city of Garoua immediately went to the scene. An investigation was opened by the gendarmerie before his burial on the same day at the municipal cemetery of Garoua 1 “informs the newspaper.

A policeman in the case said that

the investigation will certainly determine the realities of his death. But already, the body raises some questions. We found it in a weird position; he was almost sitting, as if he had time to hang himself and then sit. In addition, the prerequisites to justify suicide were not observed on his body. All of which raise questions. Unfortunately, it was decided to conduct his funeral with the approval of the family, but in the absence of his wife and children who claimed not to have the financial means to effect movement to Garoua. It is still regrettable that the forensic pathologist from Garoua regional hospital refused to come to his diagnosis on the pretext that the road was too bad for his vehicle to enter the crime scene. However, we hope that the truth about the death will be known.

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