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Cameroon – Mbia VS Kalla: New documents prove Stephane Mbia is telling lies…..again on his transfer “wahala” with Raymond Kalla

Written by Deckson N.

Two new documents obtained by mboafootball.com have emerged, and these documents prove that Stephane Mbia is once again telling lies in this new case with Raymond Kalla.

According to mboafootball.com,

The Indomitable Lions’ captain deliberately lied in this matter meanwhile Raymond Kalla was right from the beginning. We deliver here the first two documents that prove that Raymond Kalla has actually been through this transfer and that played an important role.

Some days ago on the grounds of “blackmail and fraud“, Stephane Mbia and Rita Meboka filed a complaint against Raymond Kalla who some time earlier had also complained to the above-mentioned persons for “abuse of trust scam and coercion. ” In this judicial arm of iron with much media attention, each person presents his arguments.

For Rita Meboka and Stephane Mbia in particular, they are formal when they claim that “the facts reported in the press are grotesque and improbable” and that these facts are really a “strategy established by Raymond Kalla to extort, defraud and blackmail. ” In support of his complaint, Stephane Mbia produced two documents. The first signed by the head of human resources (not the Sports Director or the Chief Executive and even less of the General Chairman) of the club that says to never having dealt with Raymond Kalla. The second from his Turkish club Trabzonspor which also says they have never dealt with Raymond Kalla. With these two documents, Stephane Mbia and Rita Meboka send Raymond Kalla back on the ropes. And hammering the nail in their complaint when both people compare Raymond Kalla to “a casino player who believes it rich with a magic wand” and claim that Raymond Kalla has never intervened in the negotiations leading to the transfer of Stephane Mbia to China.


Except that in the regular environment of footballers where low blows are frequent, Raymond Kalla took it upon himself to keep all telephone and written conversations he had with the concerned about this issue. But today, beyond these “proofs” that were attached by Stephane Mbia to the prosecution case, mboafootball was able to obtain two documents that prove that the former indomitable Lion Raymond Kalla was very involved in negotiations leading to the transfer of Stephane Mbia to China.


The first document is a letter from the Chinese club signed January 8, 2016 by its president David Ye Jun (not the human resources manager) who provides proxy to the French player agent Mathieu Jahan  to negotiate the transfer of the player Stephane Mbia. On this document, we can see that the Chinese club relies totally on Mr. Jahan to negotiate the contract, the base salary and transfer fees to be paid to Trabzonspor. The first document which has no relation with Raymond Kalla introduces actually the second document that is the affidavit signed on August 15 by Mathieu Jahan in which he reveals that “Mr. Khirat and Kalla were our main contacts to secure the financial terms and duration of Stephane Mbia’s contract in Hebei China Fortune FC “and that” Mr. Khirat and Kalla have acted as intermediaries with Ms. Meboka to transmit information for negotiating the terms of the transfer and the player’s contract. ” And finally assert that “It was agreed that the compensation of Mr. Khirat and Kalla who have had some hand in these negotiations is supported by parts of the player.

Suddenly, one realizes that Rita Meboka and Spehane Mbia have not told the whole truth about the involvement of Raymond Kalla in the effectiveness of this transfer and have just decided to shortchange this former International who just hoped that his work would be paid as agreed. Anyway, with these documents and also all copies of the various exchanges between the two parties when negotiating the transfer of the player, one realizes that if Raymond Kalla told the truth in this matter, Stephane Mbia and Rita Meboka for their part hid the truth by distorting facts for the sole purpose to fool this old respected international and well established reputation correct man.

To be continued…

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  • I think that in this modern age u dont work for some body without a contract. Kalla Raymond should have signed onw with hus client with the renumeration spelled out in the affidavit provided.

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