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Cameroon – Bourraka: 48-year old man butchers 11-year old girl for carrying water from his well.

Written by Deckson N.

A man of forty eight (48) year old, has coldly cut with a machete, a girl of about eleven year old in Bourraka.

The drama took place in Bourraka. A small town in the Ombessa subdivision, Mbam & Inoubou division, Central Region. A 48 year-old farmer coldly cut with a machete, a girl of about 11-year old.

According to Aline, a village resident, Penny Edwige, 11, went to a water point to collect the precious liquid which was to be used at home.

Returning from one of his ballads, Bilongo Alphonse, who prohibited the village access to this water point he said he arranged for his own needs, entered into a terrible rage when he found the small girl who drew water.

He used his machete to coolly kill the girl. The skull was opened, and the arm cut.

After the committed crime, the alleged murderer buried the body of the girl. And tried to flee. But he was spotted.

Parents not seeing the child back, launched a search. They discovered early morning of 23/08/2016 after the alleged murderer was arrested after a resistance.

Armed with two machetes, he threatened everyone. Security forces managed to neutralize him, “says Aline.

She added that some parts of the girl’s bodies have not been found.

The alleged murderer is detained at the gendarmerie of Ombessa. According to a security source quoted by Aline, he threatened to kill again anyone who would approach his point of water, if he is released.

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