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Cameroon – Yaounde: A cashier embezzled 50 million CFA francs to pay for traditional cleansing!

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Souley Njoya, “an Imam and a trad-practitioner” in Ngousso neighborhood in Yaounde and Florence Makoumé are currently detained at the central prison in Yaounde Kondengui for complicity in the embezzlement of more than 50 million FCFA.

For two years, Sylviane Nicaise Tchoua, former cashier in the Condovia company is languishing in the Kondengui central prison in Yaounde. Mohaman Labo, her former boss, is accusing her of the misappropriation of 51 million FCFA between December 2013 and February 2014. According to the Kalara newspaper that reports the facts in its edition of 16 August 2016, this case has been qualified as abuse of confidence compounded by the high court of Yaounde where the case was brought.

Miss Tchoua who pleaded guilty told the bar that she took this money to hand it to Souley Njoya, the “imam and traditional practitioner” based in the Ngousso neighborhood in Yaounde. The latter said to have known Mrs. Tchoua through Florence Makoumé, a patient he cured within a few years earlier. “Ms. Tchoua wanted me to pray that she recovers contact with three people to whom she had given 11 million FCFA and have stopped making signs of life,” he says.

He said the prayer soughed consisted only invocations on the Quran and some cleanses. For this, the patient must bear the payment for “work equipment” consisting of “pof pof, rice, sugar and fuel for my car.” Mr. Njoya reveals that Ms. Tchoua preferred to convert all into money, i.e 350 000 FCFA. In total, the imam said to have asked for 1.5 million FCFA. But Ms. Tchoua “herself promised to give me 2.5 million in case of the operation’s success.” She would have kept her word when she regained contact with her crooks, Kalara says.

Ms. Njoya on her side gives a different version. According to her statement relayed by the newspaper, the imam asked her to pay 11.11 million FCFA three times every Wednesday at the same time. Money taken visibly from the coffers of the Condovia company. In addition, he would often put her naked in a black cover, washing her on a roundabout every 9:00 PM and all these also required some perfumes. He also asked Ms. Tchoua to take the soil of the places where she had given the 11 million to her crooks. She also stated that the Imam transported her throughout the city and she was breaking eggs and he on his part was speaking a language she did not understand.

One learns in the columns of the newspaper that after his arrest, the traditional practitioner made a transfer of 25 million FCFA for Ms. Tchoua. The cross-examination of Mr. Njoya will be on September 12, 2016 and will permit more light on this issue. The hearing of Florence Makoumé is also planned that day.

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