Cameroon – Georges Gilbert: Meet Biya’s first son, who will run for next Presidential Elections

Georges Gilbert Baongla
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One that affirms and confirms his relationship with the Head of State Paul Biya mentions some government officials who do not fulfill their mission: Issa Tchiroma Bakary, Inoni Ephraim or Amadou Vamoulké did not escape his analysis.

George Gilbert Baongla, we must recognize that you are highly publicized lately?

Thank you already for the opportunity you offer me to clarify some things; I confess that I have a lot of blessing these days to be publicized to 800%, although at the time I needed the media it seems that they were obeying some rules dictated by the master of places Issa Tchiroma (Minister of communication, Ed). Only that, I obey some rules too, which is to tell the truth when it is needed and when I get the chance. Let me first brush you my CV. I have 3 PhD degrees, that is to say, in politics, sociology and communication besides I also trained in other domains. It is also important to remember that my professional life is intimately linked to my patriotism. I returned to my country to make my contribution to its development and not to make money.

That said, do you now corroborate yourself to be the son of President Paul Biya?

I am the eldest and biological son of Mr. Paul Biya, I do not know what President you are talking about. For me, I’m talking about my biological father and not the one who leads the nation …

But it is still difficult to dissociate the parent from the President as it is the same person?

You know, for me to be the son of a president can not be a sort of bragging, but it is above all hard work, serve as an example and that’s what I’ve always done by my curriculum my academic and professional careers. For the rest, there are witnesses, living and dead, who know and can confirm that I am indeed the son of Mr. Paul Biya. Besides, he himself will never tell you otherwise.

But why keep the secret so long? Tell us also about your mother and her links with the Presidency?

During those years I preferred to stay calm because my paternal discipline was confidentiality. Speaking of my deceased mother, her name was Lady Baongla Elise and was a wise woman, very close to the late Jeanne Irène Biya and her little brother Emmanuel Ava Ava. We were two of us in the womb of my mother, my sister Leontine Blanche Baongla and myself. Let me precise that my sister died following a long illness that lasted 7 years.

Another strong point, you say you are now ready to assume the high office of the State …

Yes, and I’ll introduce myself for the next presidential. From the time my father will deposit his bag and tells me to start, I will take off. So if he ever allow me to introduce myself and gave me his blessing, I will do as I tell you right now, I have the expertise to take on this responsibility.

Why not start with posts of Mayor or the Parliament for example?

Because I feel that being President of the Republic, is my level today.

But Mr Baongla, as a potential candidate what is the name of your political party or at least, your political plan is based on what?

I won’t reveal anything here, because it is a strategy. But don’t foot yourselves, I’ll run for the presidential myself and this is what they are scared of, that I am holder of so much information in addition to being the president’s son.

You talk of information like on the Minister of Communication?

No, not just him. If we had to make a list he would be the 99th of 100. The Minister of Communication is a kind of “evil” which the society still needs to move forward, but for me he remains a political puppet. A gentleman who says “I Understood …” But tell me, what did he understand? vis-a-vis a politician whom he said himself that the head was to be cut off … you know, out of the 10 arrested and jailed Ministers, 9 of them are there thanks to my information. The palpable example is Mr. Ephraim Inoni (former prime minister jailed for several months in the Albatros case, Ed) that has always sought to control the communication around the head of state in addition to disrupt public finances. When I say he always wanted to control the management of the communication around the president, he was not alone, he could count on Georges Ewane (journalist for president), his girlfriend, with whom he has two children Enanga Kebi (President of images of the first lady), the Celcom of the Prime Minister … so is the former Minister Marafa , who became editor at the central prison, maybe he will open a newspaper there, in any case we, we will keep reading it while he writes.

But what gives you such confidence to dare to run for the post of president of the republic?

I have support outside; the new French President Francois Hollande is a big brother and it’s the same school … if you have ears, just understand like that. I have war treasure; money I have, so I will not touch a penny of state funds for my election. “The Denial” has become a very large group with time. We partnered with a South African entity and several others in the world. I remained quiet all this time because I knew what I was doing, today I am in the financing of projects and I think we will achieve our goal. I also want to add this, one does not become president because he really has the profile. And for the opposition in front I see no one.

But the fact that you are not troubled until now, isn’t it because of your relationship with the head of state?

Beh listen, he plays his role of father and me I play that of the son. I do not deny that every time people wanted to touch me, he always said, “No … you do not have that right.” So it’s clear that I’m protected by my father, but also by God. Another scoop for you dear journalist, you have before you the one who put at the disposal of Cameroon 3.5 trillion of franc used to finance projects; it is written on black and white.

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  • What a joke, this guy thinks his father owns Cameroon. Talking about the french president like he’s the creator of Cameroon. You, your family and every lineage of paul biya will be held accountable one day. We Cameroonians are just waiting for the right time to strike and the 2018 election will be the best opportunity.. for your information, if your pau biya runs for president again, we’ll have no choice but the murder him and all his family members, just like what happened in Lybia.. Watch and see

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