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Cameroon – Yaounde: Man who committed suicide in the West is caught by the police in Yaounde!

Written by Deckson N.

Simplice Metienou, a young poultry farmer, who was declared dead by suicide on June 21 in Bafoussam (West), has just been caught by the police, at the Ngousso neighborhood of Yaounde (Center).

Local media had attributed the death of the young poultry farmer, to the “shameful management” by the government of the bird flu, currently affecting the poultry sector.

On the circumstances of the tragedy, the local press reported that on 21 June 2016 Simplice Metienou, operator in the poultry industry, in Bafoussam (West), went with his vehicle on the Noun bridge, to throw himself into the river.

Before simulating his suicide, in his vehicle he kept near the bridge of the Nun River, the farmer left a note in which he claims to have killed himself, for an investment amounting to several millions of CFA disappeared in the management of the bird flu. ”

After several days of searching, his body was not found. Firefighters concluded to a suicide. The governor of the region sent condolences to the family.

Seized with excitement by the alleged suicide of their compatriot, Cameroonians criticized the measures taken by the government to halt and prevent the spread of the disease across the country. The authorities had actually banned the marketing of poultry.

In the night of Sunday to Monday, Metienou Simplice, was found in Yaounde by elements of the police, who were visibly looking for him. He remade a new life to the Ngousso neighborhood, we learn. Presently, members of the poultry industry were preparing a grandiose funeral for him.

According to what Metienou provided to the media after his arrest, the young poultry farmer, who owns a farm of 7,000 fowls, wanted to escape his creditors including the National Employment Fund (FNE), of which he owes at least one million CFA francs, “the farm where I work is mine, I own a farm of 7000 subjects. My wish was that my family can sell my things, manage my business and pay my debts including that of the National Employment Fund that my debt is roughly 1 million FCFA. Because after the sale of 4000 subjects, I already settled part of the debt. ”

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