Cameroon – Yaounde: Governors of Regions speak of population problems

Cameroon governors
Written by Deckson N.

The bosses of Regions are in Yaounde for the first biannual conference of 2016.

La Nouvelle Expression (LNE) took the opening three-day work to approach some Governors. They expose some difficulties faced by the populations of their different command units.

Gregory Mvongo of the East: “Some projects contained in the Emergency Plan began. This is the case of border crossings. The others are maturing. As for the case of CAR refugees, they are about 350,000 and constitute about 3% of the population of the Eastern Region. When you have an area where overnight the population increases by 20%, you understand that the system of production, distribution networks are disrupted. It is true that the eastern region is an area of forest, but because of the arrival of Central Africans with their flocks, it is now a real problem. Course of action is taken. We try to manage and in medium term we hope that a special fund to support the impacts related to the massive presence of refugees will be created.

Felix Nguele Nguele, South: “The question of compensation is ongoing. There are some checks that are being made on the ground. I believe that with regard to the port area, audits are underway. Now regarding the Mboro-Kribi highway, commissions are still on the ground and strict instructions were given to the teams. I watch myself that files will be transmitted to the compensation accurately to reflect the reality on the ground. Admittedly, the people are represented in the field and usually at the evaluation sessions, there are feedback sessions of which are public. We reread the names, we specify the amounts, and if there are observations, administrative authorities take actions on the spot.

Midjiyawa Bakary, of the Far North: “There is relative peace in the region. It is due to a combination of factors: all measures taken by the top hierarchy, creation of the military region, the appointment of adequate personal and involvement of all forces namely, the vigilante committees etc. We must consolidate this achievement, accompany all the particular economic, social and cultural plans. Farmers, ranchers have resumed their activities, even timidly resumed trade with Nigeria. We will sit around a table with the administrative authorities of the neighboring countries to consolidate and support the recovery. The situation is under control. As for the three-year Emergency Plan, we manage it according to the instructions of the hierarchy. There is a set of specifications, instructions, meetings, raids and checks are done every day.

Augustine Awa Fonka, West: “Since last Monday the markets of Bafoussam, Bandjoun were reopened. Breeders can already sell their poultry products. They can sell within those divisions. All the rest of the Western Region farmers can in turn sell outside the region. We know that Western poultry farmers occupy almost 80% of the market in Cameroon. The economy of the region was so low. This is a step towards the exit door. By some time we will talk about this crisis in the past.

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