Cameroon – Ngaoundere: Six Chadian students in trouble for stabbing a taxi driver in the buttocks!

Ngaoundere University
Written by Deckson N.

Six students of Chadian nationality, enrolled at the University of Ngaoundere, are currently in custody at the Gendarmerie of Ngaoundere. They are accused of stabbing the named Adamou, a taxi driver in Dang. The victim who could’ve lost his life yet refused to complain, explaining that he relies on God.

According to the narratives of L’Œil du Sahel newspaper on newsstands of July 7, 2016, the scene took place on 3 July. “According to the taxi driver, Adamou, students borrowed his vehicle in Ngaoundere, to go to Dang, offering to pay 300 CFA each. But once arrived, these customers of another kind refused to pay the transport costs. Worse, the driver claiming his due was rather copiously beaten and stabbed by them, “says the newspaper.

A witness at the scene said: “Students took out their knives and stabbed the taxi driver in the buttocks. They have so pressed the blade into the muscles as blood began to flow like water. ” The victim survived thanks to the intervention of the elements of the Ngaoundere Gendarmerie, on patrol in the area. The taxi driver was taken to the regional hospital and the alleged perpetrators in the gendarmerie headquarters, where they ponder their fate.

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