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Cameroon – Brenda Biya: First daughter says she is suffering from hyperthyroidism, and many more!

Written by Deckson N.

Since the publication of this video in which we see Brenda Biya holding a knife and approaching the window with threats and abusive or vulgar language, much ink and saliva have sunk as is customary after all media outlets of the girl.

The video has created a wave of controversy on the web and in the Cameroonian media. Some were suspecting video faked by a certain clan to undermine the presidential family. On the Web and proxy media, experts of all kinds clashed trying to demonstrate that it is not Brenda in this video, but rather a set up. That no! Brenda Biya in another video, this time on Periscope, confirms that it is indeed her in the video holding a knife.

In an interview with her fans on her Preriscope account, the president’s daughter reveals in the video she was struggling against a bodyguard (because he was sacked) and driver and other people she could not identify. The First Daughter stressed that she was attacked to extort money from her by taking advantage of her health status; a very fragile health for several years.

She reveals to her fans that he suffers from Thyroid disorder for over 3 years, precisely hyperthyroidism. The disease was detected while she was losing weight This gland located at the base of our neck, regulates, among others, our mood, our weight and our sex life. This news thus precludes any rumor about a drug overdose. She reassures that she does not do drugs and that the Chicha she likes consuming is not a drug. For now, she says, she is still under this hormonal disorder but is doing better and better.

In this exchange, Brenda Biya also reassures that she has no problem with her mother as assumed many users. This disorientation that led her to be a little difficult with her parents is is due to hyperthyroidism. The girl says that her parents are very attentive and admits to being their priority.

The little princess who that day celebrated her 19 years anniversary responded to a question from one of her followers on her relationship with Samuel Eto’o. She therefore held to say that it is also an excess of imagination of Cameroonians. She respects Samuel and is full of admiration for the new couple.

The young girl who is presently in Switzerland is eager to return to her beloved California, did not hesitate to remind that her best song for the moment is “Margo” by artist Locko.

Through her statements on her Periscope account, Brenda Biya, has tried to silence all the rumors that have all swollen in recent months on the internet.

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Deckson N.


  • hyperthyroidism is not something to joke with.Let her manage her health well and take care of herself.Quit the smoking because her condition does not need an unhealthy lifestyle I believe her doctor is best placed to explain this to her.

  • Some of much problems are supernatural and needs supernatural response. What I mean is, in as much as her doctor is to do the best and even she on her own part, it should be noted that it could also be spirituality incline or demonically rooted and need spiritual response: intense and deliberate prayer for her. In the mighty name of Jesus, Brenda I declared you free from that health problem. Your enemies will not laugh at you in Jesus name and you will not be the one to bring disgrace to the Presidential Family in the mighty name of Jesus. Any spirit of negativity in your life should die now and live you alone in Jesus name. And may the hand of evil pointing at you or your entire family wither in the mighty name of Jesus! It is Well with you and we will continue to pray for you. Please only trust Jesus and His powerful blood for SALVATION of your soul. It is Well with your Father and MAMA in Jesus name. And above all our great country -the land of glory and the land of promise. Amen!!!

  • She should die if she wants,badly brought up from the sweat Cameroonian tax paypers money.She and her family have closed their eyes to the wickedness caused by her father.They would pay for it

  • She should die if she wants,badly brought up from the sweat of Cameroonian tax payers money.She and her family have closed their eyes to the wickedness caused by her father.They would pay for it

  • You are unique and precious to God. Parents do not eat sour grapes and the children feel the acidity. Every individual is accountable to God alone. I pray you recover fast and resume your studies. That your eyes be opened and your heart touched to choose the fear of God that comes only in putting your faith in Jesus. Life is not all about wealth and position. Others have been there and left it all behind and so shall we but God’s Word will never pass away for everything He says will happen. I speak as a mother because my tradition tells me ” A child belongs to one woman only when in her womb”. May heaven celebrate because you reconsidered and gave your life to Jesus. John 3:16

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