Cameroon – Yaounde: A “Black Market” for chicken created by chicken vendors!

Written by Deckson N.

Traders found the trick to circumvent the government measure prohibiting the sale of chicken in the Mfoundi division.

The discovery in Yaounde, of the H5N1 virus, carrying the bird flu, has led the authorities, particularly the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries (MINEPIA) to prohibit the sale of chicken and eggs throughout the Mfoundi division. A measure that is a real tragedy for poultry farmers forced to cull their birds for some, and unable to sell their eggs for others.

This led some to create a “black market” for chicken. Street vendors roam the neighborhoods of the capital by going door to door to sell their goods. Integration newspaper on newsstands this Monday, June 20, 2016, followed some of them in this activity, which succeeded rather well.

On 15 June, a young man was in the home of someone in the Nkoabang area. His expressions to attract customers was, “Cocoricoooo ! Je ne suis pas malade!, Cocorico non aviaire! 1000 francs ( meaning Cocoricoooo! I’m not sick!, Cocorico No bird flu! 1,000 francs.) ” “1000 francs only, are birds of 2 and a half kilos. These are the products that I have taken care of myself, “” In cooking, the flesh is pink. This is an indication that they are not sick.

The newspaper said: “he throws without stopping furtive glances to his right to look for a policeman landing. In discussion with the owner of the house, he told him to leave, quickly. There was a White-blue vehicle pointing in the street below them. False alarm, the vehicle was only passing away. The chickens he had started picking are rearranged. A few minutes later, the car returns, a little closer this time. In seconds, thanks to an ingenious system of strings, the young trader packs his poultry and disappears.

For a former salesman of chicken at the Mvog-Ada market, poultry farmers are forced to do so to cushion the blow of losses. Another vendor at Emombo neighborhood asked: “What can we do when other birds are hunted by the authorities? It is against myself that I sold off my birds. ” The latter has had to slaughter her livestock which consisted of 3000 chickens in 90 days.

The business seems to thrive at this time. “At Nkongoa (on the road Mfou), a source of the divisional delegation of MINEPIA for Mefou-and-Afamba regrets that on 11 June 2016, nearly a ton of chickens were sold. Testimony on the subject indicate the starting price set at 800 FCFA/chicken. Others emphasize recruitment of street vendors among the youth of the town. These would be paid up to 300 CFA per head sold, “the newspaper said.

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