Cameroon – MINPOSTEL: Minister says mobile subscribers’ identifications are poorly done, gives new rules!

Written by Deckson N.

In a statement on June 13, 2016, Minette Libom Li Likeng, emphasizes that the databases of all mobile operators “are not always reliable and still have very serious anomalies“. She just prescribe corrective action. Read the press release below.

Communique on the identification of subscribers

The Minister of Posts and Telecommunications informs the public that, in accordance with Law No. 2010/13 of 21 December 2010 governing electronic communications in Cameroon, as amended and supplemented by Law No. 2015/006 of 20 April 2015 and the Decree No. 2015/3759 of 3 September 2015 laying down the modalities of identification of subscribers and terminals for electronic communications networks:

  • Operators and exploiters of electronic communications networks open to the public, as well as service providers, are required at the time of any subscription, to proceed with the identification of subscribers and terminals. They should maintain an updated database of identification of their subscribers;
  • Any subscriber to the telephone network, has the obligation to be identified at the time of a subscription.

To bring the operators and the public to comply with these regulations, the Government has since 2010, educated identification campaigns subscribers to telephone networks.

It must however be noted that despite these identification campaigns, identification databases of subscribers of all telephone operators are still not reliable and still have very severe anomalies. What is unacceptable in the current security environment of our country.

To end this situation which is a real serious nature, the following measures are prescribed:

  1. From 10 June 2016 all telephony operators will ensure the systematic suspension of subscribers without names or identification number, but active in their telephone networks.
  2. Mobile operators have to identify all their subscribers using a harmonized identification system with an automatic detection module with the MRZ code of the identity document presented by the subscriber (ID Card, passport, etc. ..).
  3. Mobile operators will deploy throughout the national territory, appropriate points and teams, to accommodate customers for identification in accordance with the provisions adopted on agreed terms.

I invite all subscribers of telephone networks, to kindly, once again submit to the citizen exercise essential for the security of our country and their own safety, and to improve the quality of service provided by the operators.

Beyond June 30, 206, any subscriber who will not be identified correctly will be automatically suspended.

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