Cameroon – Henriette Ekwe: Journalist says the Yaounde Regime wanted to “make a presidential election in October”

Written by Deckson N.

She said that last weekend on BBC and Africa  N° 1 radio antennas in Paris.

Henriette Ekwe was present at the “BBC Africa-Africa N ° 1 debate in Paris” of 11 June. The journalist and political activist commented on several topics, including the rumor about changing the Constitution of Cameroon. She is suspecting some opponents of allowing the establishment of the post of Vice President of the Republic of Cameroon. She says at that she does not know why the position of Vice-President would be an emergency and wondered if it could be done as part of a power vacuum.

What is absolutely certain is that those who advocate the change of the constitution say that the Head of State would very much rely on a vice president who could take over power when he would be tired and it would suit him to have such an option“she said.

For her, a change in the constitution could not facilitate the management of democracy in Cameroon. EKWE supports that a revision of the constitution will always be to the advantage of the ruling party.

For her, the amendment of the Constitution feared by opponents is not a rumor. She wants as evidence statements, support motions in favor of early presidential elections which were drafted. The militant of the Cameroon People’s Union swears that the intention of the Yaounde regime was “to have a presidential election in October this year.” She assumes that the election could be anticipated to allow President Paul Biya to “manage” the 2019 African Cup of Nations.

In terms of the motions of supports, Ms. EKWE says they mean to Paul Biya that without him the country is down, there is only him. Maneuvers that in her opinion did not please everyone within the ruling party, the CPDM. “There are still some teeth grinding noises here and there. There are personalities who are wondering if they need to go sign a petition asking him to run when there is a deadline in 2018. It also began to annoy some who did not say it loud but in private rooms, they say its enough, that he is not the only smart person of our party, that they should consider someone else.


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